JungJin SEO from South Korea Named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2021 Winner

EY also honours His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales of the United Kingdom with inaugural Social Entrepreneurship Award

Thursday 10th June 2021, London, UK: JungJin SEO, Honorary Chairman of South Korea-based Celltrion Group, was this evening named EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year™ 2021 during a virtual awards ceremony broadcast live around the world. JungJin was picked from among 45 award winners from 38 countries and territories competing for the global award. He is the first winner from South Korea in the award's 21-year history.

JungJin, 63, founded Celltrion, a biopharmaceutical firm, in 2003 with only US$45,000. In the nearly 20 years since its founding, Celltrion has lived up to its ambition to advance health and welfare for all by developing ground-breaking drugs to treat autoimmune diseases, different forms of cancer and, most recently, COVID-19. The company, which JungJin started with five of his colleagues, has grown to more than 2,100 employees with sales permits in more than 90 countries and revenues exceeding US$1.69b.

This evening, EY also honoured HRH The Prince of Wales, of the United Kingdom, with an inaugural EY Social Entrepreneurship Award. This award was given in recognition of the tremendous social value created by The Prince of Wales' leading initiatives, including The Prince's Trust and Business in the Community, the exciting progress of the bold, global Sustainable Markets Initiative and this year's unveiling of the Terra Carta, which provides a road map toward putting nature, people and planet at the heart of global value creation over the next decade. The new award will remain an annual feature and was established to recognize leaders who are focused on creating a purposeful business in society.

Carmine Di Sibio, EY Global Chairman and CEO, says:

"After a year of incredible challenges, I'm excited to be able to recognize these two remarkable individuals for their contributions to society. Throughout his life, His Royal Highness has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to building a better world and I couldn't envision a more worthy honouree for the inaugural EY Social Entrepreneurship Award.

"Likewise, JungJin SEO has spent his career representing everything an unstoppable entrepreneur should be. From taking on the world's biggest health care challenges to consistently creating long-term value for his company, JungJin is a model EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year winner. Congratulations to both on their worthy distinctions."

JungJin SEO, Honorary Chairman, Celltrion Group, says:

"Entrepreneurship to me has always been about bringing together a group of people toward a common vision, embracing challenges as opportunities and committing oneself to contribute to the greater good. When I first started, my vision was to help patients gain access to safe, effective and affordable medicines and thereby enhance the quality of people's lives. The success of Celltrion has enabled me to expand on this while finding new ways to fuel my entrepreneurial drive. I am humbled and honored to join the prestigious group of EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year winners who came before me and I intend to use this wonderful platform to continue to make this world a better place for future generations."


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