Film debut for moonrover ahead of space mission

Moonrover Audi lunar Quattro to feature in “Alien: Covenant” before embarking on its mission to the

LONDON, UK – Tuesday 2nd May 2017: The Moonrover Audi lunar quattro celebrates its film debut in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi blockbuster “Alien: Covenant” this week, with an exclusive media opportunity in London ahead of its impending mission to the Moon.

The Audi lunar Quattro has been developed in cooperation with Berlin-based start-up Part-Time Scientists. Over the past two years, the automobile manufacturer has worked with a team led by Robert Böhme – founder and CEO of Part-Time Scientists – in developing the rover, by supplying all-wheel drive technology, expertise in lightweight construction, experience in developing vehicles with electric and plug-in hybrid motors (e-tron), and with design optimization.

Director Ridley Scott has integrated the Audi lunar quattro into “Alien: Covenant,“ the latest instalment of his ground-breaking “Alien” franchise. In its film debut, the rover is an integral part of the Covenant mission; deployed to help navigate and assess the challenging, unknown terrain of a new planet.

Incorporating the Audi lunar quattro into the film is part of a collaboration between Twentieth Century Fox and Audi – allowing filmmakers to incorporate authentic, leading-edge technology into their futuristic worlds. As part of the collaboration, a short film was also created by Twentieth Century Fox, 3AM and Audi. Captured on one of the movie’s biggest sets, it depicts the rover patrolling the Terraforming Bay when it detects an unidentified lifeform and goes to investigate what lurks in the dark. Watch “Alien: Covenant x Audi lunar quattro" here:


Additional information:

  • The Audi lunar quattro is 85% aluminium
  • The majority of its components have been produced using a 3D printing method at Audi’s headquarters in Ingolstadt
  • High-strength lightweight construction has resulted in developers reducing the weight of the exploration vehicle by 23% to just 30kgs
  • A 60-degree pivoting 100W solar panel supplies the rover with energy and powers its efficient e-tron motor
  • For more on the story of the Audi lunar quattro’s origins visit


Filming opportunities with the Moonrover are available on Wednesday 3rd – Thursday 4th May in West London, where interviews will be available with the following spokesperson:

  •  Robert Böhme – CEO and Founder, Part-Time Scientists

B-Roll footage is available and contains the following shot list:

  • GVs Moonrover in testing at West London Audi
  • GVs Moonrover designs
  • GVs Moonrover testing
  • GVs CGI of Moon landing
  • “Alien: Covenant” official trailer
  • IV Robert Böhme - CEO and Founder, Part-Time Scientists


For more details or to arrange an interview, please contact Annette Harada at Sassy:

T:              +44 (0)208 905 2345

M:            +44 7970 312 002



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