World Famous Model David Gandy Teams Up with Vodafone in His Most Surprising Photo Shoot Yet

Gandy is directed by eight-year-old photographer ‘Lil’ J-Peg', accompanied by an all-children production crew

Wednesday 24 February 2021: World-famous supermodel, David Gandy, has starred in a new campaign to unveil Neo, the smart kids watch, a new collaboration between Vodafone and Disney. 

For the campaign, Gandy - who has worked with some of the biggest names and brands in the world - was tasked with bringing to life how Neo empowers children to enjoy greater levels of independence, while making sure parents and guardians stay connected with them.

Gandy’s role in the campaign includes a ‘behind the scenes’ video in which the model is ‘directed’ by eight-year-old photographer, ‘Lil’ J-Peg’, accompanied by an all-children production crew. 

David Gandy comments on his involvement in the campaign:

“My daughter is growing up so quickly and as she gets older, I know she’ll want to explore the world around her. As technology is rapidly advancing, this of course means it will become part of her life and I want to empower her to do so safely whilst still staying connected with her. It’s therefore great to know I can look after her and also be a part of her journey. Neo is the perfect first step on a child’s tech journey, allowing both parents and kids to have fun together whilst giving your little one independence and peace of mind to parents.’’

“The photoshoot was a great example of how much fun kids can have when they’re empowered to unlock their creativity – it’s certainly a job I’ll never forget!”

Max Taylor, Consumer Director, Vodafone UK, said:

“Our commitment to connect our customers to the most important things in their lives runs through everything we do and what could be more important than staying in touch with our children. By bringing together our trusted network, the world’s premier entertainment company and world-class product design, Neo will deliver the very best in connectivity, design and performance.”


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