Thousands of Car Collectors Come Together for a Unique Centenary Event in France

Citroën organises its largest ever collector’s reunion featuring more than 4,200 iconic cars of the last century in La Ferté-Vidame

PARIS, FRIDAY 19th JULY, 2019: Citroën continues to celebrate its 100th anniversary with the biggest ever gathering of Citroën’s customers collectors and enthusiasts at its official Collector’s Reunion in France’s Central Loire Valley region, at La Ferté-Vidame in Perche.

The event, organised by "Amicale Citroën & DS France" in partnership with "L'Aventure Peugeot "Citroën DS" and actively supported by Automobiles Citroën, will begin on Friday 19th July and conclude on Sunday 21st July 2019.

Alain Thuret, President of the Amicale Citroën and DS France said: "It will have to be up to the ambition that would have had André Citröen to celebrate the 100 years of his brand”. 

The taste for innovation and creative technology has always aroused enthusiasm among thousands, even millions of fans, who admire the progress made by Citroën in the automotive mobility sector. As thanks for their passion, the brand supports this gathering of the century, which will allow every enthusiast to meet and celebrate.

The realization of the event was entrusted to the Amicale Citroën & DS France which created the "Centenary Celebration Citroën" association, in charge of implementing this event with the active support of "L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS " throughout all its various aspects: program, organization, financing, communication and production.

The starting point of this ambitious project dates back to June 9, 2015 and was endorsed by "Amicale Citroën & DS France" via the official creation of the "Commission 100 ans" in February 2016.

The event will bring together more than 4200 Citröen vehicles, fifty clubs dedicated to the brand, and over 15,000 visitors are expected. 




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