New Citroën C5 X Makes its Global Debut

The SUV inspired flagship model has been revealed via a live stream in Paris

April 2021 – Paris, France: Citroën has unveiled its new flagship large touring car, C5 X, with an original design that combines the elegance of a saloon, the dynamism of an estate car and the elevated stance of an SUV, available in petrol and plug-in hybrid versions.

The bold design of the C5 X is inspired by the Cxperience two-box sedan concept first introduced at the 2016 Paris Motor Show. It is a new body shape with particular attention paid to aerodynamics, with a long bonnet, increased ground clearance, and V-shaped light signature at the front and rear making it immediately identifiable as a Citroën.

Vincent Cobée, Citroën CEO, said:

"With C5 X, Citroën has created an ambitious, unifying top-of-the-range vehicle, a real tool for winning over customers who are increasingly inclined to explore the world. An audacious and original proposal that truly embodies all of Citroën's expertise, both in terms of content and form."

C5 X puts great emphasis on comfort with the introduction of Citroën Advanced Comfort active suspension to overcome all road obstacles. The new model also comes with a spacious 545-litre capacity interior offering the recognised comfort of Advanced Comfort seats, suited to the needs of estate car customers.

The C5 X Plug-in Hybrid delivers 225 hp, a silent start-up and operation with zero CO2 emissions, with the possibility of driving more than 50 km in ZEV mode–allowing up to a week of journeys without the use of the internal combustion engine, following the required vehicle recharging.

The new model is packed with the latest technologies that simplify the use of the car, including the Extended Head Up Display, a large-scale head-up display projected through the windscreen, a first step towards augmented reality. As well as a range of driving assistance features that reduce the driver’s mental workload, such as Highway Driver Assist, and a new infotainment interface with a focus on connectivity, for a more relaxed and safer journey.

The Citroën C5 X, available in petrol and plug-in hybrid engines, will be marketed in the second half of 2021.


B-Roll footage and online video packages are available to download below: 

GVs Citroën C5 X:

IV Vincent Cobée - CEO, Citroën (English & French):

IV Pierre Leclercq - Global Design Director, Citroën (English & French):

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