Game of Thrones star, Thor Bjornsson, transforms into Santa to save Christmas

Actor wants you to give up your plastic bottles!

LONDON, UK –December 2017:  “No Planet. No Christmas.”  That is the message being conveyed in new hidden camera ad from sparkling water maker brand SodaStream.

As part of their GoT themed 'Shame or Glory' series, the Mountain (Thor Bjornsson) has transformed into a jacked Santa who, with Ross Hatt disguised as ‘Elf’, is trying to teach shoppers about the harmful effect plastic bottles are having on our planet.

The duo hijacked plastic bottle purchases in a UK grocery store before encouraging patrons to use SodaStream instead. After all, one SodaStream bottle equates to 4,000 plastic bottles so why not “make sparkling water without polluting the Earth?”

Watch the intimidating Bjornsson playfully terrorize unsuspecting grocery shoppers in the spot below and next time you’re doing the weekly shop – keep an eye out for the mountain!


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