Coming to the UK: Europe’s Most Affordable Electric Vehicle

How to solve the UK's EV affordability problem

Interview and Filming Opportunities Available: 

  • Luke Broad, Managing Director, Dacia UK – based in London, but willing to travel with good notice and can be joined by the new Dacia Spring. 

  • All-New Dacia Spring fully electric car available for filming and static demonstration

Tuesday 12 March 2024, UKLast month, Dacia unveiled the All-New Dacia Spring – Europe’s most affordable all-electric car, widely credited for making electric mobility accessible to all.

The new model was exhibited for the first time at the Geneva International Motor Show and will be the first time ever that Spring is available in the UK.

Its hotly anticipated price will be announced on Tuesday 12 March as pre-order books open. It will comfortably make it the UK’s most affordable new electric car, with the closest competitor thousands more.

First launched in 2021, the Dacia Spring was the third most sold electric car to individuals in 2022 and 2023. Since launch, more than 140,000 Springs have been registered worldwide.

The new model features an entirely renewed and more robust design, a range that suits drivers’ everyday needs (137 miles), and greater efficiency thanks to carefully managed weight (only EV less than one tonne) – all while remaining the most affordable fully-electric model on the market.

The UK's EV affordability problem: 

In the UK, high cost is the biggest barrier to owning an electric vehicle. More than three in four (74%) drivers say they would like to purchase one, but they are too expensive.

However, tackle that problem and more appear, as two thirds (66%) say the associated costs are too high, while 56% say their local area lacks the charging infrastructure needed to own and operate an EV.

This leaves 25% feeling it is unlikely they will own an EV by the 2035 deadline set out in the government’s zero emission vehicle (ZEV) mandate, while 45% say it is unlikely they will purchase an EV as their next car.

Offering the best value for money on the market, car brand Dacia is tackling the first and largest barrier by bringing Europe’s most affordable electric vehicle to the UK later this year.


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