Citroën to Unveil an All-Electric "On Demand" Concept Car at Geneva

The Ami One Concept is an alternative to public transport responding to current and future urban issues

Rueil-Malmaison, Wednesday 20th February, 2019: Citroën is perpetuating 100 years of innovation and boldness dedicated to the freedom of movement with the presentation at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show of Ami One Concept, a disruptive all-electric vision of urban mobility developed for customized customer journeys focused on seamlessness, ease and freedom of use.

The Ami One Concept was designed as an alternative to public transport (bus, tramway, metro) and other individual, two-wheeler means of transport such as bikes, scooters and kick scooters. Advancing a new form of mobility and responding to current and future urban issues, Ami One Concept is fully in step with changes in customer behaviour and the challenge of the energy transition in the city.

An ultra-compact (2.50 m long) two-seater concept vehicle bringing occupants impressive agility in urban environments, Ami One Concept also conveys robustness through its body styling. The closed cabin protects occupants in the event of bad weather. The architecture and design, both informed by function and usage, enable users to explore a new driving experience. Perfectly adapted to urban life in perpetual motion, the concept reaches a top speed of 45 km/h with zero CO2 emissions. With a range of 100 km, Ami One Concept can make numerous city trips. The lithium-ion battery, stored flat under the floor, is easily charged with an electric cable. Plugged into a public station or a standard socket at home using an extension cable, a complete charge takes just 2 hours.

Accessible for all from the age of 16 (European countries average/according to the legislation), Ami One Concept is intended for urban customers with or without a driver’s licence, and is accompanied by an innovative global digital ecosystem fostering a modern, cheerful and broadly accessible mobility experience.  The ecosystem rethinks the customer journey and offers customers “on demand” use ranging from 5 minutes to 5 years and spanning carsharing, rental and purchase. 


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