May 16, 2019


Citroën Premieres the Fully Electric 19_19 Concept Car at VivaTech Paris

The new concept vehicle looks at the future of autonomous intercity travel

Paris, Thursday 16th May 2019:  Citroën marks its 100th year anniversary with the electric 19_19 Concept car, designed with a focus on extreme comfort. The vehicle was revealed to the world at VivaTech in Paris on 16th May, where the French brand also presented its latest innovations relating to the digital experience and motoring well-being.

Inspired by the worlds of aviation and interior design, the 19_19 Concept is deliberately unconventional and stands as a modern approach to design and technology that stimulates a new automotive experience. The cabin is supported on a new smart and actively controlled suspension system with Progressive Hydraulic Cushions® that brings occupants a magic carpet ride.

The vehicle is also innovative and futuristic through its autonomous driving technology, equipped with a personal assistant built in to the dashboard, which controls the car when in autonomous mode, and interacts with passengers via a predictive and proactive system that anticipates the needs of each occupant.

19_19 Concept reduces the carbon footprint, heightens in-car comfort through the absence of noise and vibration, and proves that electric drive trains are eminently compatible with long journeys with a range of up to 800 km, thanks to its 100% electric drive train. Created to offer a relaxed driving, the concept car charges via induction either at a halt or in motion where the infrastructure so permits.

Citroën’s ultimate take on the future of mobility, inspired by a desire for liberated and restorative mobility.

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