Children get honest with their own reviews of 2017 Oscar contenders

TalkTalk TV enlists new breed of film critic to review Academy Award nominees

LONDON, UK – 23 February 2017: The tongue-in-cheek campaign launched today ahead of this Sunday's Academy Awards ceremony.

In a bid to help film fans decide which movies are really must-see, TalkTalk TV has enlisted a new breed of film critics to give their unbridled views on what to watch. The critics are vocal, brutally honest and, unlike Hollywood experts, aged between five and seven.

The video (see below), shot by Sassy Films, captures the honest reactions of 10 children as they watch trailers for some of the biggest films of the last year.

TalkTalk TV managing director Aleks Habdank said: "We all already know what the Hollywood experts think, now it's time to get the view from real people - and who better to tell it like it is than kids?"

One child describes a kissing scene between La La Land lead actors Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as "cute but disgusting", while another summed up the film as "gross".

The kids can also be seen trying to correctly pronounce the name of American actress Meryl Streep, with one getting as close as "metal steep".


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