Chief Pharmacist at Boots Debunks Misconceptions of COVID-19 Vaccine

Boots UK reveals the most frequently asked questions from patients after launching more vaccination sites across the country

Thursday 11th February 2021: Following the launch of seven additional Boots COVID-19 vaccination sites, the company’s Chief Pharmacist, Marc Donovan, has provided expert advice on some of the most commonly asked questions – from how best to prepare for the vaccine to potential side-effects. 

Frequently asked questions include: 

1.    Is the COVID-19 vaccination just as effective for those from a BAME background?
2.    Is the vaccine safe and are there any long-term effects of the vaccine?
3.    Why do I need to get both doses of COVID-19 vaccinations?
4.    Do I need to keep wearing a mask and social distancing after I’ve received my COVID-19 vaccination?
5.    If I’ve had COVID-19, do I still need the vaccination, as I may have antibodies still?
6.    Will the COVID-19 vaccine give me coronavirus?
7.    Can I still get the COVID-19 vaccine if I’m pregnant?
8.    How can I prepare for my vaccine appointment?
9.    Does the current vaccination protect against this new South African variant?

Pharmacies in Liverpool, Bristol, Taunton, Southport, Southampton, Chester and Chatham are the latest sites to be administering the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, in specially designed facilities in store.

Boots first rolled out its vaccination sites in Halifax, Huddersfield, Gloucester and Bluewater, which have already helped patients from the local communities to receive their first vaccine. The retailer has extensive knowledge and experience in vaccination services making it well placed to support the NHS in delivering the vaccine across the UK. 

Patients are currently being invited directly by the NHS to book their COVID-19 vaccination appointment at specific Boots pharmacies, a service Boots is looking to expand to more stores across the United Kingdom in the near future. 


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