Jul 8, 2021


Boots UK Announce Contraceptive Pills Will Be Available at its Pharmacies Without a Prescription

The two progestogen-only contraceptive pills Hana and Lovima will be available over the counter in Boots pharmacies nationwide

Thursday 8th July 2021, UK: Boots UK has announced that progestogen-only contraceptive pills Hana and Lovima will soon be available without a prescription from its pharmacies across the UK and on boots.com.*

The announcement follows the reclassification of the two progestogen-only pills – widely known as the ‘mini pill’ – from prescription only medicines to pharmacy medicines, allowing them to be available over the counter.

The UK’s leading health and beauty retailer has hailed the MHRA’s decision as one of the most important milestones for women’s heath in decades, 60 years after the invention of modern birth control. 

Bernadette Lavery, Pharmacy Director at Boots UK, said:

“The reclassification of the progestogen-only pill is a landmark moment in the history of women’s health in the UK, making contraception more accessible. Boots has been supporting and empowering women for over 170 years, and this continues as we make these medicines available without a prescription in the coming weeks.”

At Boots, Hana will be priced at £9.95 for a one-month pack and £21.95 for a three-month pack.  Lovima will be priced at £14.99 for a one-month pack and £29.99 for a three-month pack. Women will be able to access the contraceptives from Boots after having a private chat with a pharmacist, who will advise if it is suitable for them.

Pharmacists across Boots UK’s network of over 2,300 stores can also offer holistic sexual health and family planning advice to women and men, including finding the right method of contraception.


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