Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team Launches AMR22 At Gaydon

The team reveals new livery in a live streamed event to fans across the world

Thursday 10 February 2022, Gaydon, UK: The latest Aston Martin Formula One car, the AMR22, broke cover today in a special launch event held at the global headquarters of Aston Martin Lagonda at Gaydon, UK.

The AMR22 car was revealed on the factory production line, led by the team’s drivers Lance Stroll and Sebastian Vettel. Also in attendance was Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll, alongside Chief Technical Officer, Andrew Green, and Performance Director, Tom McCullough.

The AMR22 includes a radical aerodynamic design philosophy as prescribed by the new technical rules designed to deliver more competitive racing. An updated car livery adds further aggression with lime details blended across a refined version of the traditional green livery.

Aramco logos are incorporated into the livery to mark the beginning of a strategic long-term partnership, while branding from title partner, Cognizant, appears on the sidepods, chassis top, front wing and rear wing. Prominent logos from Peroni Nastro Azzurro 0.0%,, SentinelOne and JCB also feature across the AMR22.

Speaking at the launch event, Executive Chairman, Lawrence Stroll, said:

“The Aston Clinton hill climb is about an hour's drive from Gaydon and it was there that Lionel Martin launched Aston Martin into the heat of competition. That was the start of the climb that our Formula One team is still on today. We have a five-year plan to keep climbing and get to the top. To win in Formula One everything has to be in the right place and a lot of moving parts have to come together. You need the right people in every part of the team and you need the right partners to help make that possible. At Aston Martin we have wonderful and highly valued partners, including our title partner, Cognizant, and I am delighted to welcome Aramco as our long-term strategic partner.”

Speaking after the unveiling, Sebastian Vettel said:

“Look at that car, who wouldn't feel excited about the prospect of racing that? And when it comes to hopes for the season, I do not think anyone really knows what to expect. There are new rules and of course all the teams will be hoping that they have got it right. Everyone wants to win, me included, and no one would be in Formula One if their dream was not to win. I am no different. The main thing is to keep moving forward and moving up. This is only year two of a five-year plan, so we are still quite near the start. But this team has big ambitions and big plans, and I am hugely excited to be a part of that.”

Team-mate Lance Stroll added:

“This is not only a big opportunity for Aston Martin, but also for all the teams. We just have to believe that we have done a better job and I know that everyone involved is working unbelievably hard to give Seb and me the best chance. At the same time, we have to be realistic heading into the new season. Our main aim is to move nearer the front than we were last year. That would be progress. As Seb said, it is impossible to know where every team will be until we all get on track, and even then you might not know who has really got it right until qualifying in Bahrain. Aston Martin has some really clever people so I am optimistic we can make good progress this year.”

Tom McCullough, Performance Director, added:

“All the teams and all the drivers will be addressing a new set of regulations, so having the ability to learn and adapt will be crucial. It throws something new into the mix and we will be generating vast amounts of critical data when the new cars, fitted with 18-inch tyres, take to the track for the first time. How we deal with that will be a test of where we are as an organisation. The new rules mean that everyone will be starting with a relatively clean sheet of paper. You have to suspect that those teams that have been winning recently will start as favourites, but if any team gets a handle on something vital before the rest that could make a crucial difference. I have no doubt that we at Aston Martin Aramco Cognizant Formula One™ Team are in position, on and off track, to take advantage of any opportunity that comes our way.”


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