100 Years of Citroën History go on Display in Paris

Special event will showcase a century of iconic Citroën design in an historical location for the French brand.

Paris, 14th June 2019: The first ever Citroën (Type A) was launched in Paris in June 1919.

To celebrate this special anniversary, the French brand created an event in the 15th arrondissement – in the heart of the district where their journey began – that transformed rue Linois in Paris, the site of the old Javel plant, over the weekend of 14th - 16th June.

Over three days, “Born Paris XV” will allow the public to experience a unique journey through time with 100 Citroën vehicles, heralding from private collections and the Conservatoire Citroën, exhibited along the length of the street, each representing the different decades of Citroën’s design history. The cars on display include over 70 iconic models, as well as motorsport models, concept cars, and models from their current range.


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